Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 10 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday Carlton school had a closing ceremony for the Olympics we did. First thing we did was we all got into our houses and wait. When everyone was quite the teacher called out the names that came first, second or third. The first people the teacher called out was the third place winners. I got a third place on sprints. After that the teacher called out the second place winners. I got second in shot put for doing really well. After that they called out the winners for gold medals. When we were finished we went outside of the classrooms and got our picture taken for doing great. On Tuesday Room 15 went to Palmerston North for a trip. The first activity was we all went to see a play. Room 15 got in, we got the best seat in the house. When all of us were there we sat down and relaxed and watch the play. At the end the old lady died. This boy came and plant a tree to thank her for all of her help. When the play finish we hoped on the bus and went to the park and had 15 minutes of eating time and 20 minutes of playing time. When we finished playing we went to the pools for a swim and we went back to school.

SO WHAT: What I learnt is to not change something like a profile picture during class time and know what I have to do instead.

NOW WHAT: My goal is to not talk when everyone is quite and learning.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Writing Activity

In class we are learning to use meaningful adjectives. This is my story.

Once upon a time there was a spy. The spy had hard gear and protective amour to stop the hard metal bullets getting through. So the spy grabbed his laser that can break hard shiny glass. After that the spy quickly jumped through a big hole and waited for the signal. When he heard the signal he quickly smashed though the hard shiny glass and saved the day.  

Friday, 24 August 2012

Week 6 Reflection

WHAT:On Wednesday Room  15 had some visitors who came to our class They  were from Wanganui High School.When the Chinese students came in 2 people in our class  got one Chinese buddy.When we had our buddies we showed them what we have doing on our laptops about the Olympics .After that it was lunch time and we got to show our buddy around the School.When lunch time was over the Chinese students showed us how to write our name is Chinese.Today Room 15 went to the Gym.When we were at the at the Gym we done some rolls on the springboards and we rolled back and forward.After that we got into our groups and we started our rotation.When we were finished we done some warm downs exercises and walked back to school

SO WHAT: What I learnt this week is to use movie maker  and upload a video  and we learnt how to write our names in Chinese.

NOW WHAT:My goal is to gather data through my senses using my ears and eyes in the classroom and other senses like touch at the gym.  

Friday, 17 August 2012

Week 5 Reflection

WHAT: On Wednesday we had a visitor in our class. The visitor came to our class to learn how to teach a boys class. The visitor came in our class and they introduced them self. One was the principal and the other one was the teacher of the boys class. Today Carlton School had a bad hair day. Bad hair day is when we put on a wig or make our hair all crazy. So we went out of our class and lined up. We walked to the netball court. After that we celebrated on the netball court and Carlton School walked around the netball court. When all of us were finished we went back to our class.

SO WHAT: What I learnt is to finish my work on time and always be ready for learning. Another thing I learnt is to gather data through touch, hear, taste, sight and smell.

NOW WHAT: My goal is to think before acting and always be ready in time.

Friday, 10 August 2012

WHAT:On Tuesday Mr O'Connor came to our class in the afternoon.Mr O'Connor tell as about the army.Mr O'Connor is in the army and he gets to travel to different countrys.In the army people gets to were heavy staff on they backs and they were hot close and they put on armor to protect them self from bullets.After that Mr O'Connor let us watch a video clip about the bombs in the ground.On Thursday at morning tea Room 15 went to Spingvale park to go to the gym.When we get there we step into the door way and wait.After that we take of our socks and shoes and even our jacks.After that we played a little game and the mat.We need to jump over the rope and make it on the other side.When we jumped over it twice it gets bigger and harder.When we a finish we got into our groups and jumped on the bouncy strings.After that we stayed into our groups and done our rotation.When we are fininsh we put on our clothes and said bi.On Friday afternoon A guy came in to tech us to save money and not spent it all at ones.After that his name was Evan he step in to our class and told us all about money.Evan is from the ASB Bank in Wanganui.So the first thing Evan showed us was how to get money.There are lots ways to get money.He told we can do neighborhood jobs getting a business and doing chores and  selling.He told us to not spent your money at ones.

NOW WHAT:What I learnt this week is to get money and save and don't spent your money at ones.

SO WHAT:My goal is to always get my work finish in time and to be always ready for learning.

Reading Activity

Josh and the tooth fairy
The main setting is the kitchen and the house.
"as soon as josh woke up in the morning he rushed into the kitchen go check."

Monday, 6 August 2012

Reading Activity

Me Too
The main characters are Lili, Grandpa and Grandma.
The minor characters are Mum, Dad, Kiana's mama, Jasons Poppa, Tane's Koro, Kelsy's Grandma.
The main character I have chosen to describe is Lili .Lil is a shy person she is also a helpful kindful and nice person.





Friday, 3 August 2012

What: On Wednesday Room 15 did finger printing. Finger printing is when we are using our fingers to create a picture. We put our fingers into the paint and put it on a piece of paper to create something. After that we stopped to let them dry up. When it is finish we get a sharpe to create the body. On Thursday Room 15 was very special because Room 15 gets a new teacher Aid.After that he came into our class and we said hi.In they Afternoon Room 9 went to our class to do buddy art.When Room 9 come in we get our buddy and show them how to comment on blog.To do comments we go to some ones blog and comment.Today Carlton School went into the hall and watch the Olympics games.What we watch was the rowing finals.When we are watching we all cheered for New Zealand.After that New Zealand won the finals and won a gold medal and a some flowers. 

So What:What I learnt is to paint and create something with our fingers.

Now What:My goal is to get ready for learning and always get my work done in time.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Writing Activity

1. A silly boy was walking down the windy street.
2. A scared cat was running away from the big dog.
3. A giant man was playing with his giant, shiny ball.
4. The big monster truck crashed into an ugly house.
5. A black and white man were in a mask steeling a shiny computer.
6. A fast man was running around a big and long course.

Friday, 20 July 2012

My Writing Activity

Today our group learnt about adjectives with Mrs Larsen.First we wrote some down in our group book. After that Mrs Larsen told us to put our own ideas in word. We can look in our book for help. After we are finished we copied and pasted it in wordle. Here is mine.                                                                                    

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Museum

Today Room 15 and Room 6 went on a trip to the Museum. When Room 15 and Room 6 got there we hopped of the bus and got into our lines.When we did that we went into the Museum and went to our first activity. Room 15 hopped in the Cosmodome, we sat down and watched all of the star passing by. When we saw all of the stars passing by someone was telling us all of the stars just like Matariki. Also he told all of us that blue stars are hotter than red stars. He told showed us the stars people use to navigate to New Zealand. After that he told us about the 7 sister. The 7 sister are Matariki. She is the mum she is the boss of the 6 sister.When we are finished that he showed us all of the planets like the sun and Venus and Mars and the Milky Way. When we finished we hopped out and said goodbye.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


In maths we have been using place value to solve addition problems.Today I did my maths on a glog and wrote my activity down on my glog. Here it is.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Today Room 15 went in the hall to see Frank Bunce.When Frank Bunce came in the hall we did a haka to welcome him to our school. Then  Frank Bunce talked about the Westpac Trust Rescue Helicopter. After that we talked to Mark about his job, he is a helicopter pilot. Next we had a class photo and then Frank Bunce was passing to the ripper team. We shook his hand and had a photo and then we said goodbye to Frank Bunce.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Week 3 Reflection

WHAT:On Monday Room 15 went to Rutherford Junior High School to learn about music and games.After that we were put in groups. I was in group . Group 1 went to the music first.I played on the keyboard.
Today Room 15 finished of our Picasso faces. After that we finished  our characters from our favourite books.
 .After that we finished of our bugs and our book covers. If we are done we get to play a game of cup stacking.Last weekend Mrs Larsen made a big tree by the library  that we can work in.

So What: What I learnt  how to make Picasso faces and characters out of the toilet rolls.

Now What:My goal is to work harder and no talking when the teacher is.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Explore Parliament

Today Room 15 went on a site called Explore Parliament. When we got on we had a look at making laws and bills. When we make laws and bills  we need to make sure it's fair and kind. When we make our own laws and bills we read it and start typing. When you are done you can ask your mum and dad or friends to play it too. It is a fun game.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Purple Cake Day!!!!!!!!

Purple cake day is so we can celebrate the children in our lives. It empowers peope to learn about children  globally and fundraise for those who need it.                                                                                                                                                        This afternoon Room 15 and Room 9 had a party for Purple Cake Day. When Room 15 went to Room 9. We all did finger painting. We just painted in purple. When we were finish we washed our hands and sat down on the mat. When we all sat down on the mat Mrs Larsen told us to stand up and get a cupcake. Room9 thought they were yummy!!! We thought they were yummy too. So when finished our cupcakes we put our wrapper in the rubbish and went back to our class.

Week 7 Reflection

What: This week Room 15 did some art work. We did our art work about us, we had to pick the best one for Mrs Larsen to photocopy. We went to Putiki Marae to do some activities. When we got there we got split into our groups. I was in group 4. We went down to the end and played some games. Also this week we had a police visit. We touched their armour and all the equipment they have but not the spray. On Wednesday we went to WIS to do our swimming sports. I come first on 9 year old freestyle. Today we are typing about Wanganui because we are telling the people around the world how great it is and telling them it's a really awesome place it is.

So What: I learnt it's important to keep safe and called 111 for help just like the police man said.

Now What: My goal is to finish everything on time.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 5 Reflection

What: This week we had a party in Room 9 for Purple Cake Day. Today we had a parade for our School Spirit Day.

So What: I learnt a new website called We went on it to do some statistics activities.

Now What: My goal is to get my work completed on time.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Week 4 Reflection

What: This week Room 15, Room 6, Room 5 and Room 4 went on a beach trip. We all learnt about beach safety. We watch a video about 10 rules about beach safety. We wrote a letter to our friends in Poland. I think my one is a boy but I need to find out. We need to tell them were we live and how old and about our family.

So what: We learnt about using the right equipment and to keep between the flags and to learn to stay in the right place then we can be safe in the water. Today we learn to keep our pass during fitness when we ran around the whole school without stopping. We need to run 3 laps around the school.

Now what: My goal is to get well at swimming and learnt how to get good at beach safety and be a lifesaving. My goal is to go with the pass and go real fast and catch up with the class. My other goal is to do my homework every day and bring it back on Friday to show Mrs Larsen.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Week 3 Reflection

What: This week Room 15 went on the website called befunky.  Last week Room 15 created our own Wordle. We finished our when I grow up art work and stories. We did a spelling test using a website called Spelling City.

So What: We learn to create our Befunky and Wordle. We learnt to print our own Wordle.

Now What: My goal is to work harder and lisen carefully.

My Befunky Story

When the class went on Befunky we got to download our faces to put it on be funky. After that we chose our own colours. Then we went to our own pc and we saved it and we did three more. After we finished we showed Mrs Larsen.

Justin's Worldle

Mrs Larsen went on the computer to show us how to make a Wordle. After that we went on the website and made our own. This is mine.

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Old School Blog

My blog is so awsome, we can write stories. We made our blogs today we needed to watch very carefully  to get it right but when we was finish I was so happy. It is very awesome and cool. It is so fun writing in my blog.